Promotional Services.


Our team specializes in Market research and we can provide you with the directions towards the right target group.

Also by participating in food festivals and organizing private cooking sessions gives us the advantage of correct and vigorous market research, this way we can uncover the following vital information:

  • Demand for a product or service in your market
  • Sales figures within a market for a particular product or service
  • Who your customers are
  • What those customers think about your product or service and what they think about your competitors, so you can capitalize on your strengths
  • Where and how customers buy your product or service, so you can establish the most effective distribution and marketing channels
  • How much customers are willing to pay, so you can figure out a competitive price for them and realistic profits for you


GnC Events is capable of taking a product out of the borders supported by a unique network of restaurants, retail shops and significant internet presence. Moreover, the presentation of our products is handled by distinguished  professionals of the industry, in order to maximize the full transfer of your product capabilities.   


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