Here at GnC Events we support our producers by providing them with the tools that they need to become competitive in a market that keeps evolving day by day.

The Gastronomic market is in constant need of premium and delicatessen products for different type of needs.

GnC Events can offer a variety of Consulting Services concerning the influences and trends in the international market.

More specifically, we specialize at the following sections:

  • Management systems solutions - the key to be competitive in the international market is professionalism, which is indicated by how you run you business and how you keep records. Our team can adapt the most efficient and applicable management systems according the needs of your business. 

  • Marketing solutions - smart packaging - character - innovation - creative team.

  • Web Development, e-Shop and complete social media management solutions.

  • ISO and HACCP solutions - ISO and HACCP are standards that secure the quality of you product, its an essential practice to enter the international market.Our team can direct and provide you with all the necessary tools to get your product up to standards.  

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