Unknown paths and routes full of customs traditions, myths and heroes are mixed with traditional Greek cuisine and Greek influences

 "From the balcony of the Centaurs"

The miracle of the gods of nature!


Lato, the Greek Culture Center of Amsterdam invites you on the first trip of the season to the unknown aspects of Greece.

Do you belong to those who know Greece and always find a reason to come back to her, even mentally?

Or maybe you are a citizen of the world with curiosity for other cultures and civilizations?

Whichever category you belong to, you are all welcome at our afternoon walk along the paths of the unknown Greece. 


Our associates:           

  • GnC Gastronomical Events 
  • 2πR Greek Traditional Dances Amsterdam 
  • Artelia Trade.


With the help of the experienced chef of GnC Gastronomical Events we will discover all the secrets of local cuisine, we will taste traditional delicacies and we will explore the world of traditional herbs and spices that abound in the region of Pelion.


2πR will help us travel to local traditional sounds and dances, giving us an authentic picture of the Greek countryside while the same evening we are invited to be their guests at Club Lite, Amsterdam in order to participate in a unique Greek feast with lots of music and dance.

Follow us on our trip. Everybody is welcome!

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