When trying to promote something, there is no better way of displaying your product personally! Always a team of experts is on the front line, providing to your potential customers a first hand experience and information. Imagine that someone who had no idea of your product, after a short conversation and some extensive tasting will become a customer that knows everything about your product!


Unknown paths and routes full of customs traditions, myths and heroes are mixed with traditional Greek cuisine and Greek influences

When it comes to innovative products, GnC gastronomical events has the answer. With "mavroskordato" and an energy bar, be prepared for a boost

When it comes to private cooking in a wood oven and the spot is in mt. Pelion in Greece then the experience worth a lifetime

GnC Gastronomical Events continues presenting new products! Our guest star in this market are the olive products "Ellion"


Under the 1st festival "Greece All-over" which was held at De Hallen at 27th and 28th of May 2016