Research and Development (R&D).


GnC Events emphasizes on research and development. The reasons behind R&D are :

  • Premium products - these can give to our customers new healthy and socially fair products.
  • Competitive advantage - through R&D  we are able to build advantage over our competitors by bringing innovative products to the market.
  • Long term income - once a product has been developed it can generate a strong stream of profits for many years.
  • Ongoing research also leads our brand to new opportunities like new markets or industries.
  • Enhanced reputation - engaging in research helps to build up our brand. Farmers/producers and customers are more likely to trust a company with a strong scientific research and development base.

This ensures that every product that comes out of our hands is one of a kind.


GnC Events in association with DownVillage are experimenting with new and old (mainly) varieties of vegetable and fruits in order to achieve the unique and original taste.

DownVillage is an experimental/alternative farm based in Katihori a village of the mythological mountain of Pelion. In the farm only eco-friendly practices take place with total respect to the unique biodiversity of the area. 

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